Camels & Cats

Here goes the guest post by Uncle Spike – and it’s about cats! 🙂

Lesia asked Uncle Spike, that’s me, a camel from southern Turkey, to tell you some stories about cats. Hmm, well, for starters, did ya know that cats are admired by camels? Well, you should, coz it’s true, no matter what the teachers say at skool, honest. You see, way back in history, and I’m talking pre-Facebook, my Great Great Uncle Jarvis explained it all to his neighbour’s dog, who happened to have a cat as a best friend – so it must be true, yeah?

Anyway, this is what’s been handed down over the years, and now part of camel / cat folklore…

Sleepy puss: First off, cats will sleep just about anywhere and everywhere! They sleep in boxes, in buckets, under cars, regularly found on top of unsuspecting people (whilst they are sleeping), and of course, on any window ledge you’ll ever come across! Can you just imagine the faces if I tried that?


Noisy puss: Them furry felines snore big time – you ever heard one?? Yeah, they even snore when they are happy, being stroked or apparently just contented. One cat tried to say it was different, and called it ‘purring’; I still say it’s snoring. Camels don’t snore (much),… err, although we are prone to the odd bout of spitting, but hey, it’s what we do!


Poser puss: At least us camels make it plainly obvious to all and sundry when we are peeved with the world; which is most of the time. Not famed for being happy chappies, more so for our grumbling, moaning, spitting and biting – and that’s on a good day! But I reckon them pussy cats are always a bit snooty, think that they’re the bees knees, a real poser, the king of the jungle out there – oh, hold on, some pussy cats will be just that when they grow up…


Fast puss: Ever seen us camels race? We can’t half move on a sandy racetrack, especially when there’s a backhander with attractive odds at the local bookies. But, have you ever tried outrunning a puss-cat, even a small one? They move pretty quick too, as my neighbour’s dog regularly swears to in court most weeks. African pussy cats take the biscuit though; even a camel can’t outrun them!


Hungry puss: Cats are always hungry. They like to scoff special food from fancy tins with posh names and pretty lilac-coloured labels; especially yukky smelly old fishy recipes! And then the next minute they’ll bring in their own dessert, and dump it right in front of the telly – no manners at all…. Not like us camels, we chew our food slow… real slow – mealtimes can last forever. However, we also make ‘sounds’ when we eat, oops! However, even I have to admit that we’d all rather have a kitten on our lap than a fully grown dromedary!


Well dear friends of Lesia, this grumpy old camel has to go now, jobs to do and all that. It’s been super fun popping up on your screens; perhaps see you again over at my place. See ya….


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9 Responses to Camels & Cats

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Haha, a pleasure to be a guest on your blog. Happy Friday to you and your readers.

  2. newbloggycat says:

    Camels and cats….a strange combination ◔◡◔

  3. Uncle Spike says:

    Reblogged this on Uncle Spike's Adventures and commented:
    After Lesia won the latest ‘Guess What’ challenge, I was tasked with writing a guest post about “cats”…. Hmm, having never had a cat of my own, it was indeed going to be something different for me. So here goes; this was my guest post on Lesia’s blog,

  4. Very funny, Uncle Spike. I think that Mr Potter must be a cat in disguise, as he snores extremely loudly. Did I ever tell you that my brother used to be in charge of the camel house at a safari park? He still delights in impersonating camels, with that roaring intake of breath followed by a loud spitting sound (he doesn’t go as far as the camels in actually releasing the spit!).

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